Apartment Refurbishment
Cascais, Pt

Apartment VA 8 is a rehabilitation project located in Cascais aimed at income generation through short-term rental. 

The main objective of the intervention was to turn the existing two bedroom layout into a three bedroom one, by completely redesigning the plan of the apartment.

Since the rooms are rented separately, bathrooms and wardrobes were designed for each of them, maximising the space. Each room was also given its own identity by using specific colours that are applied consistently and comprehensively on most of the surfaces, creating three immersive and impactful environments.

The living area was repositioned next to the entrance and the access to the outdoor patio, and a new kitchen was designed that gives on to the living room. The new wooden floor covers the entire area of the flat, creating a feeling of comfort and fluidity between the rooms. The decoration has been carefully chosen, with some special pieces envisaged, made to measure, such as the circular dining table in sky blue acrylic stone.

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