Together Takes Two

Temporary Exhibition
Lisbon, Pt

Together – Takes Two is the theme defining the creative process behind the installation designed for the latest edition of Lisbon Fashion Week, in turn, highlighting the presence of the fish canning brand Bom Petisco as the event sponsor.

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In order to celebrate the theme of this edition – together – this work interprets the diverse meanings of the word and transposing it to the level of object materiality. Through playing with geometries, additions, overlapping positionings, and different levels of opacity and transparency – this thereby explores the idea of duality arising out of interaction with the proposed object.

Hence, the process involved the development of a piece built from the components and materials utilized in fish canning factories and breaking down the perceptions held of these objects in daily, family life.

The result features the junction of some 80,000 tin lids in order to form 52 metallic columns that reach three meters high. Laid out side by side and suspended from a beam that interconnects the room’s two columns, this sets out a linear object spanning some six meters in length and that proves simultaneously opaque while also enabling visual communication between the two sides of the room, interplaying with the concepts of junction/separation.