Bar/ Restaurant / Concert Hall in Lisbon

The project was commissioned in 2014 to renovate a former industrial bakery into a concert hall/restaurant in Graça, Lisbon.

The space is around 200 Sqm and made up of a succession of tiled rooms, concrete floors and marble fittings.The intervention consisted in cleaning and restoring all original elements, and re-creating a new layout with a different vibe out of limited resources. These goals were achieved through the application of color and texture and on the design of light and furniture. The purpose was to enhance the existing features of the space by adding specific, subtly corresponding features to each different room.

The construction was a daily challenge, where participation and improvisation took a big role on the development of the project . The works were done by the owners and their families in order to reduce cost, resulting in a very personal and fulfilling process with very creative results. A team of friends were gathered to develop different parts of the project, such as the hand painted giraffes mural by Luis Lazaro Matos and the Graphic design by Sonja that brought a new set of creative layers to the spaceo.

Client: Damas
Adress: Rua da Voz do Operário, 60, Lisbon
Start: 2014
Opening: 25.04.2015
Status: Completed
Wall Illustrations: Luis Lazaro Matos
Graphic Design: Sonja
Photography: Jorge Matreno

duarte caldas damas
duarte caldas damas

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